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There are those who do not trust alternative therapies and even make fun of it.

Accustomed to traditional medicine, we sometimes forget that our ancestors used these therapies for centuries to cure several mental or physical ailments.

This is the case of Native Americans, Egyptians and Greek cultures, being in this last one where the term and meaning for the word “Therapeutes” appears.

Composed by the verb “therapeuein” which means to care, to attend or to relieve.
and the suffix “tes / ta”, which means agent. Translated today would be “a person  dedicated to cure diseases“.

There are therapies for an endless number of affections, whether these are physical, psychic or even spiritual.

Also they differ in the number of individuals who attend them.  So, we have to classified in: individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy and group therapy.

Meditation alternative therapy

In recent decades has become common, animal assisted therapy. However, in 1792 at the York Asylum in England, emerged the first reports on the effectiveness of assisted therapies with companion animals.

Although it may look novel, animals helped people feel better since 1200 BC. when the Greeks had dogs as co-therapists in their healing temples.

The most appropriate animals for therapy and that have an enormous connection with humans, are dolphins, horses and dogs, with amazing and positive results even for science and conventional medicine.

Incredible and beneficial therapies reappear time to time.  Some of them include elements such as trees,  sea, stones, the sun, etc.

Finally, we must not forget that we are  living beings   and as such we are designed to coexist in permanent contact with nature.

Although with life in the city we constantly  protected from the fluctuations of nature, (cold, heat, rain, darkness and others), over time these conditions immobilize us and separate us from natural contact with our elements to lead us unfortunately, to a reclusive lifestyle.

It is time to return to nature and enjoy the greatest benefits that alternative therapies have for us.

Hashimoto’s Disease and Nigella sativa extract

Hashimotos Disease and Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed Oil

Hashimoto’s disease and Nigella sativa, or black cumin seed extract, are highly related when considering the health-promoting effect of this medicinal plant in ameliorating the disease severity. According to research, black cumin seed extract can be considered as a useful therapeutic approach in management of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Today, we will delve a little deeper into the great benefits of black cumin seed extract for the health of our thyroid. What is Hashimoto’s disease? According to The American Thyroid Association, Hashimoto’s […]

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