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Essential Oils and Vibrational Healing

Essential Oils Vibrational Healing

Essential Oils and Vibrational Healing that emanates from them is not something new, in fact, this is one of the many existing therapies to treat a person by using natural elements.

Vibrational medicine contains high frequency subtle energies and is capable of acting on the subtle energy fields, as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Traditional, orthodox or allopathic medicine is guided by the principle of treating the disease by suppressing symptoms, and often, unfortunately,  applies synthetic drugs that create dependence.

This contrasts with the holistic method used by natural medicine, which understands most diseases as a body warning to indicate that something is wrong, and that we must take action to remedy it.

Natural medicine considers that the symptoms of illness are produced by energetic imbalances, and that treatments with natural and bioenergetic therapies, collaborate with the predisposition of the body to heal itself.

Concisely, the basic concept of vibrational medicine is to treat the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

The Return of Vibrational Medicine

A re-born paradigm posits that consciousness is a source of Universal Energy. From there, everything that exists is organized and constructed. Our consciences are fragments of that source that gives origin to our life, cells, mind, emotions, etc.

In January 2016, Dutch researchers Dirk K.F. Meijer and Hans J.H. Geesink, published their extensive work: “Quantum Wave Information of Life Revealed: An Algorithm for Electromagnetic Frequencies that Create Stability of Biological Order, With Implications for Brain Function and Consciousness”, where they propose in detail their hypothesis in this regard.

This type of studies, brings us closer to the understanding of our connection with the whole and, in some way,  to reconsider in the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus about Universal Laws.

For vibrational medicine, mind, thought, feelings and emotions are directly related to health and lack of it.

Our health or illness is directly related to our body, thoughts, emotions and spirit. Any excess or lack in some of these aspects, generates vibrations that alter the harmony and therefore, weaken our state of health.

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Vibrational medicine defines us as a system of subtle, multidimensional and interacting energies.

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Everything is Energy and Vibrates at Different Frequencies

Matter is nothing more than compressed energy; and different energy systems, including physics, differ from each other because they vibrate with different frequencies.

Everything that exists is made of the same thing; a ship, a thought or a plant, everything is composed of ENERGY.

For vibrational medicine, health, illness and healing are a personal responsibility.

Generally, health recovers when we become aware of why such a symptom is being shown to us. Health is restored through change of beliefs, habits and/or personal transformation.

Self love, self-esteem, self-value are perhaps the most important feelings to maintain our health in harmony. Meanwhile, fear is the most powerful virus that threatens our integral stability.

Essential Oils and Vibrational Healing

Clinical research shows that essential oils, with the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, can create an environment in which microbes, diseases, bacteria, viruses, fungi, can not live. Indeed, the chemistry and frequency of essential oils, have the ability to help man maintain an optimum health frequency.

Having discovered that essential oils have higher frequencies than the same plants they come from, it has been wonderful and explains why patients feel better quickly. 

When an organism weakens, vibrates with a lower frequency, if it can not reharmonize itself, it will need a resource with the appropriate frequency to the vibration that has lost its balance.

For this medicine, doctors and different therapists are collaborators, not healers; and medications are not remedies but resources.

Collaborators and resources are oriented to a practice that allows an expansion of consciousness and the possibility of assuming more and more the command of our physical, emotional-mental and spiritual systems. Without self healing, there is only illusion of cure.

Vibrational medicine proposes application of therapies, and thus we have for example that, when using plants they act by their own vibratory qualities, returning the adequate vibrational tone to the affected organ.  

In short, vibrational medicine, with its therapeutic principle, consists of returning the memory of vibratory wave to the altered energy system.


Aromatherapy is the science that studies the therapeutic application of essential oils. It is part of phytotherapy; millenary science that is based on the study of the healing properties of plants. Aromatherapy is divided into 3 fields:

Scientific Aromatherapy

Applies essential oils based on scientifically proven actions to prevent and treat diseases. It uses the oils mainly in the physical field, both, external and internal use.

It is based on the relationship between aromatic molecules present in essential oils, and their known and demonstrated therapeutic actions.

Holistic Aromatherapy

This method, has a field of action on the person as a whole: physical, psychic and spiritual.

It also includes both, external and internal channels.

Homemade Aromatherapy

Homemade aromatherapy is one that we can apply in the family environment, or in the day to day to treat small affections or common ailments, such as home remedies.

Preferably includes external use. Internal use is limited to small culinary applications or simple remedies.

Essential Oils and Vibrational Healing

General Properties of Essential Oils

Depending on the biochemical composition of the essential oil,  can present the following properties:

Antiseptics and Antibiotics 

These are especially powerful against pathogenic microbes (viruses, bacteria and noxious fungi), but these do not attack our bacterial flora.

Regenerators and Healing

Most of them help cell regeneration, stimulate the growth of new tissue and promote healing.

They have psycho-emotional effects

All the essential oils, to a greater or lesser degree, exert their influence through aroma on the central nervous system. This, results in effects on our mood and emotions. Essential oils can stimulate, calm or regulate the nervous system.

Immunoregulators and Immunomodulators

Essential oils, tone defensive cells and balance their action mechanism, helping to stimulate defenses when they are low, or normalizing in case of immune hyperreaction.


Reduce the activity of proinflammatory substances, helping to relieve inflammatory processes.

Emenagogos and Antispasmodics

Essential oils favor hormonal balance, helping menstrual process in the woman or normalizing in menopause. Also, its antispasmodic nature, allows to alleviate dysmenorrhoea.

In addition, its psycho-emotional regulatory effect, helps in premenstrual syndrome states.

Expectorants and Antispasmodics 

Favor the expulsion of mucus from respiratory tract, while calming the cough.

Essential oils also have other properties that make them excellent allies for winter ailments and respiratory tract conditions, such astringent, anti-allergenic or analgesic, among others.

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Digestive and Antispasmodic

The essential oils stimulate secretion of digestive juices, promote hepatic metabolism activity, and help digestion. In addition, protect digestive mucosa and regulate bowel movements, relieving small intestinal cramps and pains.

How Aromatherapy Works in the Brain

The olfactory sense is linked to the central nervous system, so the aromas act directly on the emotions and centers that control physiological processes.

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The information comes first to the limbic system and the hypothalamus, brain regions responsible for feelings and instinctual impulses. Such regions also participate in access to memory and regulate the release of hormones. In this way, essential oils can modify behavior and bodily functions.

Sandalwood Aromatherapy

When smelling a scent,  limbic system captures a molecule in the oil and triggers a molecular vibratory movement from the hypothalamus through the nervous centers, which it relaxes or stimulates.  This, may end up affecting many aspects of behavior, such as sensitivity, the tendency to optimism, sensuality, or the ability to recover sensations from the past.

Certain oils also help or predispose to meditation, inner exploration or visualizations, and favor memory capacity.

The Art of Healing with Essential Oils

The world expert in aromatherapy Dominique Baudoux, who went out of the way marked by conventional pharmacology, to become one of the most prestigious aromatologists, investigated that the frequency of essential oils oscillates between 52-320 MHz, the highest among all known substances.

In comparison, fresh herbs measure 20-27 MHz;  dried herbs, 12-22 MHz; and fresh products, 5-10 MHz. Processed or canned foods measure zero. In other words, they contain chemical nutrients, but not the vital electronic nutrition of fresh foods.

All essential oils generate nano-volts of electricity (millionths of a volt) in MHz frequencies. The same ones that generate the healing and healthy negative ions.

In addition, it was discovered that the frequency of oils is affected by our thoughts. Negative thoughts decreased frequency oils by 12 MHz, while positive thoughts raised them by 10 MHz. The prayer made an even greater difference, because it raised the level of the frequencies by 15 MHz.

Therefore, one of the most important healing modalities of oils is their ability to raise our body frequency to levels where diseases can not exist.

This is easily understood if we remember that each drop of oil is capable of providing 40,000 molecules of high vibration frequency to each cells in our body.

Also, it is interesting to remember that the vibrational frequency of anything can be measured. The measuring parameters used are generally: hertz (Hz) and megahertz MHz).

Below, we have some examples of essential oils and their vibrational frequency. This measurement was made with the BT3 Frequency Monitoring System created by Bruce Tainio:

Aromatherapy for the Elements

It should be remembered that both, essences and essential oils are obtained by means of an alchemical process.

Not all plants are capable of producing essences, only aromatic plants have that power, and they do so under a strong influence of the 4 alchemical elements: fire (to produce its essence, a plant needs many hours of sun), earth, air and Water.

Essential oils are already “living substances” whose vibration is particularly high and stable.

Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist and president of Pranarôm laboratories, author of several works dedicated to the use of essential oils, refers to essential oils as “solar essences” and is quite right. In fact, it also tells us that they are a concentrate of solar energy that benefits us every time we use them, whatever the chosen way of administration (oral / internal, topical, by respiratory route, etc.).

Essential Oils and Vibrational Healing

Vibratory Frequency in the Human Body

Human body vibration has also been measured and is 62 to 68 MHz. Below 62 MHz the human body starts to get sick.

Essential oils help to return the corresponding vibrational level to the human body in order to be healthy.

Bruce Tainio’s research showed that human cells are compromised when they drop below 62MHz.  For example, in the following levels, we are affected by:

  • At 58MHz – A cold or flu,
  • 55MHz – Candida,
  • 52MHz – Epstein Barr,
  • 42MHz – Cancer appearance,
  • 20MHz – Death begins.

Besides, having negative thoughts can lower our personal frequency by 10-12 MHz. and  positive thinking, prayer or meditation can raise it by 10-15MHz.

Frankincense Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Olfaction Therapy and Essential Oils

In 1992 Gilles Fournil, transpersonal therapist and somatologist (a somatologist studies the emotional, mental and spiritual causes for the situations that body experiences, and how these conditions can allow personal growth), creates a method based on the use of vibration of some essential oils to treat olfactory traumas and blockages. He called it “Olfaction Therapy”.

Several clinical cases and the experiences of numerous therapists trained by the creator of olfaction therapy,  have proven their effectiveness.

The method is based on the classification of essential oils aromas in: pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. The goal is to find one of them to start working with the blockade.

Although the session really begins working with the smell classified as “unpleasant or unloved”, this happens because each essential oil and its aroma is related to a chakra, which indicates that there is an energy center in imbalance.

The consultant must be in a relaxed state, and the smells are what will facilitate access to the unconscious. It is the vibration of the essential oil that will bring light and release the blockage.

When the blockage has disappeared, the new perception of the odor classified as unpleasant, at the end of the session will be requalified in pleasant or neutral.

Testimonials from people who have attended this therapy, tell that they have been pleasantly impressed by the sensation of having undergone an almost “surgical” intervention in the solar plexus.

They have experienced for a few minutes, the vacuum left behind by the vibration of the essential oil worked.

At the end of the session, that feeling of emptiness closes with the essential oil classified as beloved, relating it with happy, enjoyable and loving memories or feelings.

Electrical Frequencies of Essential Oils

For years, research has been conducted on the use of electric power to reverse diseases.

In the eighties, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, from Stockholm, Sweden, discovered that by placing an electrode inside a cancerous tumor and applying a milliamp CC (direct current) through the electrode, it could dissolve it and stop its growth.

He found the electropositive and electronegative energy fields of human body and is also the author of the book “Biologically Closed Circuits”.

Another doctor, who also dedicated himself to this type of research was Dr. Robert O. Becker, author of the book The Electrical Body, where he explains that: each living being has an electric frequency, and shows in his book the documents of the electrical frequency of  human body.

The use of electrical energy to eliminate diseases led to the research and discovery of the electrical frequencies of essential oils.

Bruce Tainio, owner and president of “Tainio Technology” in Cheney, Washington; developed a calibrated monitor called: BT2, a frequency counter used to measure and study the bio-electric frequencies of essential oils, and their effect on human frequency, when oils have been applied to the body.

As we mention before, he also developed new equipment to measure the bio-frequency of humans and food.

Measuring in hertz, it was found that:

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  • Processed / Canned foods have a frequency of zero Hz,
  • Fresh products: 15 Hz,
  • Dried herbs: from 12 to 22 Hz,
  • Fresh herbs: from 2 to 27 Hz.

Unhealthy substances, alter the frequency of the body, leading to disease.

Experiment with Essential Oils and Vibrational Healing

Researchers did a test with two young people, one of 24 and the other of 26 years old respectively, both had the same frequency of 66 Hz. The first young man held a cup of coffee in his hand, without drinking it and immediately his frequency dropped to 58Hz., in 3 seconds. Then, he left the coffee cup, inhaled an essential oil and it only took 21 seconds to recover its natural level.

The second young man drank a sip of coffee and in a matter of 3 seconds his frequency dropped to 52Hz., he did not inhale any essential oil and it took him 3 days to recover his natural level of 66 Hz.

These frequencies were measured, being awake and fasting. Since after eating, they will fall between 10-20% because the pancreas will produce  high levels of enzymes.

How to Balance our Frequency with Essential Oils?

Earlier we saw that a healthy body vibrates between 62-78 Hz. What would happen if we apply an oil like Galbanum (Ferula gummosa) that has a frequency of 56Hz? Nothing, we would not be able to change the body frequency.

In contrast, an essential oil with a frequency of 118 Hz. or 192 Hz. would increase the amplitude of our body vibration, if our body is weak, it would give us a great boost or lift.

Essential oils adapt to the frequencies, giving balance by harmonizing the body’s organs and emotions. Therefore, essential oil frequency can affect an organ or emotion that either has an inclination to, or vibrates at the same frequency of it.

Each oil has a frequency and each of our organs and body parts have a frequency.

Bone frequency is 39-43Hz, neck frequency and down is 62-68Hz. The frequency of an oil will attract a frequency as in the body. The lower frequencies become a sponge of negative energy. The frequency is what remains in the body to maintain the longer effects of the oil.

Essential Oil and Vibration Healing

Mixing or combining Essential Oils amplifies the frequencies, this is called “synergy

We must bear in mind that essential oils frequencies vary according to:  cultivation conditions,  soil, weather conditions and each batch.

Essential oils offer inexpensive and effective treatments, so that microbes can not easily develop resistance to them.

An important example is the use of Mint essential oil in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

A study of 50 children who compared the effects of a common chemical preparation and peppermint oil capsules on the relief of symptoms showed that peppermint oil to be drastically more effective, with fewer side effects, than the drug.

The nature of essential oil is that the bacteria that cause disease symptoms are eliminated, leaving the natural intestinal flora healthy and safe.

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This is the beauty of aromatherapy and natural medicines in general.

Another widely published effect of a particular essential oil is that of the powerful anti-viral and anti-depressant Melissa oil. Melissa herb has been used in natural medicine, often for its effects in relieving stress and supporting the nervous system.

Now, many university studies in Europe have confirmed its effect in the treatment of Herpes outbreaks, the result of a viral infection that has, until now, been considered incurable by the modern medical community.

Outbreaks tend to occur when an individual is in particularly stressful conditions, and although it is believed that the aroma of Melissa oil relieves stress, it has also been demonstrated in the laboratory, that one of its chemical components eradicates certain types of viruses.

Topical application of melissa oil to the legions of herpes, has reduced pain, duration and outbreaks frequency in a significant number of study participants. Some, have even experienced a complete remission of the disease.

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Essential Oils, Medicine of the Future?

The therapeutic aspect “aroma” when use essential oil,  shows,  through hard data, that olfactive sense in the brain is directly connected to the vital control centers of the gray matter, in particular, those that regulate emotions and stress levels.

Perhaps, with the acceptance of the importance of mental health related to our physical well-being continues to grow, aromatherapy can find its place in hospitals and doctors’ offices along with stethoscopes, syringes and cotton swabs.

Many studies have shown improvement of self-assessment in mood and stress levels when essential oils are inhaled. In particular,  and because stress is considered by many health professionals as the number one cause of the disease, it is a step so that the inhalation of spirit-rising of aromas can result in the improvement of  health states.

Aromatherapy is certainly not a cure by itself, but like any other medical specialty, it should be used,  when appropriate by patients and well-informed professionals. If necessary, find a qualified collaborator to guide you in your doubts.

Remember, always consult a medical professional for a serious injury or illness. In some cases, aromatherapy can be used as a supplement to other treatments, but we are not ready yet for a 100% natural medicine.  

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