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Seawater Benefits for Health The Magic of Ocean Plasma

Seawater Benefits

René Quinton, the forerunner of spreading  Seawater Benefits for Health

René Quinton was a French scientist who, by investigating the seawater benefits,  proposed that the origin of life is in the sea, and that the human body is in fact, like the ocean.

An optimal state of health is possible by means of ocean plasma or micro-filtered seawater.

The French biologist Quinton, who was born in 1866 in Chaumes, Brie in France, realized that sea water bears a striking resemblance to the extracellular fluid bathing every cell in our body.

He believed that the cellular environment mimics the marine environment in which life first originated.

He left numerous clinical and photographic information on the results of his treatments. These were collected in several publications, being the best known “Leau de mer, milieu organique” (Sea water, organic medium).

René Quinton is remembered today for treating malnourished children with isotonic seawater, administered intravenously, and bringing them back to a healthy, thriving state.

René Quinton

Drinking Sea Water

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This man was considered in his time as famous as Charles Darwin.  This was endorsed by The French Academy of Sciences, praising its contributions to biology.

Rene Quinton argued that seawater was very similar in composition to the blood of vertebrates. That is why, among his many tests, he emptied the blood of a street dog and injected it with isotonic sea water. The animal was cured.

His assertion that “The marine serum gives biological force to the cell to oppose most diseases”, certainly contrasts with the theory of Louis Pasteur in his work on the attack on invading microbes, which for some, is considered the start of the use of vaccines and antibiotics.

An experiment similar to that of Quinton, was carried out in much more modern times in Tenerife, specifically in 1975. In experiments with dogs, the results were satisfactory.

In the composition of seawater, we find about 83 (among 118) elements of the periodic table. On the other hand, it is stated that seawater is more effective than artificial serum.

More recent experiments were also made in Tenerife at the University of La Laguna in 2003. In this case some dogs were injected hypertonic water from the same Atlantic Ocean, after bleeding, and all evolved well.

Continuing with Quinton, it seems that his experiments quickly reached fame. Mainly, because thanks to them, the malnutrition that children had at that time was reduced.

He also applied his seawater benefits knowledge in diseases such as typhus, diarrhea, cholera and tuberculosis, among others, by using seawater properties.

Quinton was the son of a doctor, but he was not a licensed doctor. When the First World War arrived, his detractors took advantage of this fact to deny his theories.

Besides, Rene Quinton demonstrated in his experiments that white blood cells survive without problem in seawater.

Through his Laws of Constancy, he explained that the interior of the human being is similar to seawater composition.  Likewise, if we maintain in our interior the existing elements in the ocean (ph, salinity, temperature, etc.), we will have good health.

Seawater Benefits

Properties of seawater

In U.S.A. and in European countries Quinton’s seawater, known as the “Quinton Plasma”, is still used to treat different diseases, such as infections, malnutrition, intestinal problems, obesity and arthritis.

According to the magazine Discovery Dsalud, the extraordinary purity of seawater from Quinton laboratories is scientifically proven, having its origin in a place with characteristics that make it suitable for therapeutic use, such as solar penetration, meters away from the surface and background or degrees centigrade.

Seawater is isotonic and has the same mineral composition as human blood plasma.

The plasma is replaced periodically and if it is clean the immune system works better.

Additionally, seawater has micronutrients that have not been imitated. It is alkaline and is perfect for acidifying diseases, since it balances excess acidity.

It is also antiseptic, anti-infectious, does not become infected, does not survive any pathogenic gene in it and it is the best natural disinfectant that exists.

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Seawater Benefits for Health

The seawater benefits are still maintained in recent years

The seawater bath is having a renaissance and the word thalassotherapy (the use of seawater in restoring health and maintenance), is being used more and more by people who subscribe to complementary therapies.

The use of seawater as a form of therapy, also known as thalassotherapy, has existed for centuries and was used by the ancient Egyptians.

Nowadays, seawater is used in spas and is said to reduce stress, detoxify the skin and improve circulation.  In addition, it produces weight loss, speed control of cellulite and even relieve the discomfort of menopause.


The therapeutic effect provided by seawater is based on 3 main axes:

1.   Hydroelectrolytic recharge:  It provides water and minerals.

2. Rebalance of enzymatic function: Contribution of vitamins and nutrients.

3. Cell regeneration: It cleans the extracellular matrix, the internal environment where our cells live.

The seawater has a beneficial effect on the following disorders: Dermatitis, fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot; psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, prostate, obesity and malnutrition, among others.

In addition, the magnesium content of seawater is strong enough to have a nourishing and soothing effect on the nervous system.

Seawater, like that found in the oceans, contains approximately 35 grams of salt per liter of water. This salt water offers several health benefits, although it should be keep in mind that excessive consumption of seawater, salt water for that matter, can potentially lead to diseases such as hypernatremia.

Reasons to drink sea water

At the digestive level, salt water begins to activate the salivary glands of the mouth, releasing amylase. This initial step in the digestive process is very important.

In the stomach, natural salt stimulates hydrochloric acid and a protein digestion enzyme, which help break down food. It also stimulates secretions in the intestinal tract and liver, which help with digestion.

Regarding to nervous system, salt minerals calm the nerves by reducing cortisol and adrenaline, two dangerous stress hormones.

With respect to bones, a popular theory in relation to osteoporosis and other bone disorders is that the body uses calcium and other minerals from bones in order to survive and neutralize the acidity in the blood.

Because seawater is naturally full of minerals beneficial to us, and has an alkalizing effect, it helps improve bone health.

Also,  natural salt has minerals that help the skin look fresh and shiny. For example, sulfur keeps skin clean and soft, while  improving the scalp health.

Seawater Benefits and properties

Additionally, it acts against eczemas and rashes, which often are the result of a deficiency of sulfur and zinc. It also promotes the rapid healing of wounds, stimulates the immune system and regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Another positive aspect of drinking seawater, is related to the respiratory system.

Sea salt is effective in reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. Thus, phlegm production slows down.

It is said that spraying sea salt on the tongue after drinking a glass of water is as helpful as using an inhaler. But the good thing about sea salt is that, it has no side effects when taken in moderation.

The ideal ratio for drinking seawater is: 20 ml of seawater (clean, not beach water) + 50 ml of mineral water. Those 70 ml drunk provide a clean plasma.

Seawater benefits also has effects on children, by drinking 10 ml of the indicated mixture for every 10kg of weight.

How and where to get seawater that is reliable for consumption?

We currently find the following formats available:

Hyperonic Plasma

It is not considered as medicine, but as a nutritional supplement. It comes in the form of ampoules and can be drunk individually or combined with another beverage, being the ideal to follow the instructions indicated on the product.

Seawater in Bottle

Another alternative is to consume bottled seawater. We will try, that if choosing water bottled in a glass bottle.

A good way to drink it would be a small cap of sea water dissolved in a liter of fresh water and go consuming it throughout the day.

If you want to treat a specific disease, it is best to contact a specialist. He will indicate the appropriate amounts to consume depending on the condition to be treated, the patient’s age, sex and personal circumstances.

Seawater in its two different presentations, can be found in specialized and authorized stores. Also,  you can buy them through amazon:

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 Seawater Benefits when we bath 

It is common to experience great well-being after a swim in the sea. In addition to the relaxing experience of contact with the natural environment, and the balancing of water currents, it is proven that seawater benefits in contact with our submerged body, help us to:

  • Cure any problem or condition of the skin (dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, etc.)
  • Relax muscles, tension and stress.
  • Improve asthma and respiratory conditions.
  • Rejuvenate the tissues.
  • Relieve infections.
  • Improve blood flow.
  • Provide a pleasant feeling of happiness.

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Drinking the water directly from the sea 

What is the difference between drinking bottled sea water or drinking it from the sea directly?

In case we decide to consume bottled seawater, or in the form of ampoules through laboratories, what we will have is the assurance that these products have passed the sanitary controls that confirm that it is a safe product, that is, that the water is not contaminated.

However, there is another possibility for those people who distrust the “sanitary controls”.

In the market, there are many products with health certification whose safety and impact on health are often questioned through independent scientific studies.

For these people, there is the possibility of drinking water directly from the sea.

In this case it is important to ensure that the place from which we obtain the water is free from contamination and also, rich in healthy mineral substances.

On the other hand, it is advisable to collect it at least, between one and two meters from the surface. That is, not from the shore of the beach, nor from the surface.

Seawater Benefits Plasma

The negative ions of the waves

Following a treatment based on sea water can be a very good idea, whether ingested or applied to the skin, but it will never be the same to have that source in its pure state than inside a bottle.

There is no more pleasurable experience than listening to the sea, feeling it in the body and walking on the sand, while breathing the many benefits of the ocean.

The beach is loaded with negative ions generated by the waves of the sea. These are charged particles of electricity that, despite being called “negative”, exert a very healthy action in our body, as they enhance the nervous system, among many other things, improving states of anxiety, depression, insomnia and migraine.

Did you know the properties present in our oceans and seas? It is really great to be able to count on them and take advantage of their benefits.  Thanks for that!

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