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Asymmetric Australian chrysoprase and turquoise Necklace 
Petra di Monte is the name of my bohemian jewelry design line, which I started as a hobby around 2010 when I worked in the volatile world of wealth management. 
In 2012, I moved from Santiago de Chile to Miami Beach in US, I began to create more innovative jewelry.  Here I had better access to the market of gemstones, beads and a large variety of different tools and materials to choose from, compared to Chile.
From 2016 to 2019,  I was living in Turkey and Cyprus where I got my Aromatherapy certification and took a brake from jewelry design. 
During the pandemic, like most of you out there, many things changed in my life as well.  I came to US again and I meet my husband Chris and now I have a new lovely family here.  
Because of the wonderful reason above, I decided initially to do both, Aromatherapy and Jewelry Design, the two beautiful and nature inspired occupations that keep me busy and happy at the same time. 
Besides, I am a Trauma Informed Coach, who specializes in helping, holistically,  women who suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). 
Petra di Monte is that “place” where you will find exclusive handcrafted designs with:
  • Hand made beads from all over the world.
  • Noble and natural materials (cruelty free, recycled, eco-friendly).
  • Genuine “One of a Kind” pieces, these means never reproduced or recreated in other colors/materials.
  • Guarantee.  You will have limited guaranteed in each one of your purchases with Petra di Monte.  For details check our Policy here.
  • Special offers and seasonal discounts.
  • And last but not least:  You will own not only a new gorgeous jewelry piece, but also a design created with love and pure intention. 
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Australian Chrysoprase Earrings

Petra di Monte aspires to continue growing for many more years to come and we are so thankful to share with you on this amazing journey!
Thank you for visiting!
Karin Durand. 
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