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Quit Smoking Set your mind for success and freedom

quit smoking set mind success freedom

Quit smoking is an internal fight that all smokers and ex-smokers have personally witnessed.

We are fully aware of the harm that cigarettes cause us and believe me, we are not indifferent to it. Unlike most non-smokers, we know that the diseases caused by this addiction are many. 

We do not think only about the varieties of cancer that exist due to smoking. As smokers, we will able to suffer also from cumulative damage that not will remain unnoticed.

For this reason, smokers live with the hope and desire to one day quit smoking and  recover their freedom from addiction.

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Maybe, someday in a symptom way, it will come and knock at our door.

Types of damage caused by smoking

Smoking damages almost every organ of the body and diminishes the general health of the person.

Furthermore, smoking causes cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, cervix, colon and rectum, as well as acute myeloid leukemia.

Tobacco also causes heart disease, stroke, aneurysm of the aorta (a balloon-like swelling in an artery in the chest), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (chronic bronchitis and emphysema), diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration related to age and cataract, and worsens asthma symptoms in adults. Those who smoke have a higher risk of pneumonia, tuberculosis and other respiratory infections. In addition, smoking causes inflammation and weakens immune function.

Cigarette harms enormously our skin, our teeth, it generates fertility problems, insomnia, physical exhaustion, unpleasant breath especially when we wake up in the morning. There are also another uncomfortable factors such as the cigarettes smell  in our clothes, hair, skin, hands, home, etc.

quit smoking

Quit Smoking

Set your mind for success and freedom

Keep your willpower and do not let your mind control you

The problem that usually lies in leaving this bad habit is our lack of will. In addition, we have erroneous ideas that our mind generates and that lead us to confusion.  We may think about the idea that we will not be able to cope with the emptiness of a cigar company.

We will also ask ourselves: Can I be able to drink my coffee in the morning without the proper cigarette?

And of course, our social gatherings will no longer be the same … and so on.

Anyway, I also had to go through questioning processes that made me postpone the decision for years.  Certainly, these excuses, among others, are constantly in our minds and we can not let them control us at all.

Look for reasons that motivate you to stay strong

Motivation is very important and we will need it to reinforce the control we must put over our mind.

Some tips that can motivate you:

  • Your skin will look glossy again: Our skin and especially our face skin, is greatly affected by the toxic smoke of the cigarette. These residues are deposited directly in our pores blocking them. Therefore, our skin looks opaque, with uneven tone and tired appearance. Our pores are more dilated than normal, since the skin seeks to breathe and to do so it must strive naturally by means of this “defensive” method of dilatation. Wrinkles will appear earlier and will be deeper. We will have more black spots and we will have a higher risk of suffering from skin conditions such as acne, urticaria and dermatitis. 
  • Recover your radiant smile:  Another motivation is the care of our smile. On the one hand the teeth will become whiter, then we will be reversing or stopping the famous bar code on our upper lip. Finally, we will eliminate the “ashtray breath” that is not sexy at all.
  • Natural scent will be back:  Odors are not exempt from our motivation list. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and one of its important functions is to eliminate the toxins we consume. Therefore, imagine everything that comes out through our pores. By quitting, after a few weeks the difference is evident. Our natural aroma will be back. Our hair, hands, nails, our clothes and our belongings, everything will smell like it should smell. In addition, our hair will be clean longer.

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Do not give up if it does not work on your first, second or third attempt. Be optimistic and feel happy that the essential thing is the intention and  you already have it.

Quit smoking freedom

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  • A future pregnancy more than a motivation, a responsibility: If you are planning to have a baby, you will be doing a huge favor by quitting smoking. Not only to yourself, but also for your baby and your partner.  As mentioned at the beginning of this article, smoking affects reproductive function in both women and men, being more harmful in women. In addition, babies born from mothers who smoke can present a series of complications at birth and generally, they are smaller and weaker due to tobacco.
  • Good news for singles: If you are single, your chances of having a partner will increase, since your opportunities will be substantially increased by including those who prefer non-smokers as a couple.
  • You will save a non-negligible amount of money: I chose this as the final motivation, surely there will be more, Although this reason to stop smoking seems very obvious, it is best to do the mathematical exercise with each case in particular. In this way, we will have clear figures of what our decision means.
    The numbers will clearly indicate that we are missing. Maybe we miss having a better vacation every year that passes or maybe we reach to make that remodeling that we have so long postponed. Anyway, instead of smoking that money, consider consenting yourself and your loved ones.

Gaining weight when quitting smoking

There are people who do not dare to stop smoking for fear of gaining weight. Although each body is unique and each reacts differently, in most cases ex-smokers experience a weight gain when quitting.

However, this weight gain is temporary and is part of the process that will improve our life for the rest of our days, which is incomparable to a couple of extra pounds in our body.

When you quit smoking you feel free

The feeling of freedom when you reach quitting is superb. You will also feel proud of yourself and with the strength and attitude to face new challenges.

You will feel a huge satisfaction and your self-esteem will increase. You will feel more radiant and full of life, because you will be aware of how much you love yourself and the proof is there. You finally managed to free yourself from smoking addiction.

You will no longer depend on or be a “slave” to the smoking routine:  When you wake up you need a cigarette, with the coffee another, at break from work a few more, after lunch, after making love, before going to sleep and so on…

Quit Smoking Be free

How I quit smoking,
My personal experience

First, I must confess that quitting was always present in my mind, but not in my priorities.

About three years ago, I began to feel disgust when I ate red meat and  for no apparent reason, since I used to enjoy barbecues a lot.

I wanted to investigate  this sudden change in me so, searching here and there, I learned a little bit of everything. The result of the search showed endless information about food and the damage caused by many of them, that unfortunately, we consume every day.

Due to this and a couple of other reasons, I decided to experiment on myself. Without any pressure or haste a change of habits in order to decide in my own experience the truth of this information which I found very interesting.

Consequently, after a year I found an information about human photosynthesis and the practice of sun gazing.  I started doing the practice and it took me a big surprise.

In addition to responding  my expectations, sun gazing practice has been an excellent ally in every field of my life.  A wonderful experience that I recommend at least venture to try.

You may like to visit:

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When I reach around 15 minutes of practice, I literally stop smoking  overnight and without any effort.

I remember that about a week before, I began to feel a bad taste when smoking. I did not like cigarettes that much anymore. It was there when I knew I was ready to quit. All this happened in March 2018.

What happened to me during the first week without smoking

During the first week after quitting, I remember having felt like smoking just once. As fast as the desire came to me, it went with the same speed. After that episode, I never felt like smoking again.

The desire to smoke has completely disappeared from my life and I never suffered any changes in mood, stress or anxiety during the whole process.

I also did not have changes in my body weight, since a year ago I start a naturist diet, which helped me at this point.

In short, the change was totally subtle and smooth.

I had fearful thoughts of re-insisting on a few occasions, however, I replaced them immediately remembering how proud I was of my achievement. Therefore, if I stepped back, I would be missing the opportunity to completely free myself from my addiction by becoming a cigarette loser dependent.

Quit smoking set your mind

Physical changes after quitting

    • The pressure in my chest disappeared almost instantaneously. Now I can inspire strong and deep.
    • My teeth have begun to whiten gradually.
    • The pores all over my skin do not expel nicotine smell anymore.
    • Better physical performance, I do not get tired quickly.
    • I no longer feel like a walking ashtray smelling cigarette.
    • My breath when I wake up in the morning does not have that unpleasant metallic taste like before.
    • My face looks radiant and luminous and my pores are visibly smaller.

To conclude and as you can appreciate, the benefits of quitting smoking are extensive.

Do not give up if it does not work on your first, second or third attempt. Be optimistic and feel happy that the essential thing is the intention and  you already have it.


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