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HandPan The most special instrument invented in centuries


Handpan  is one of the most special instruments invented in last decades or maybe centuries.

Its celestial melodies have the power to take into a magical trip those ones who delight listening.

Music is with us since our very beginning. Records dating back 50 thousand years confirm our relationship with music at that time.

Sumerian civilization already had instruments such as the lyre and the harp in 3000 BC. Likewise with melodic and beautiful sounds.

Todays topic will be about an instrument that delights us with the sublime melodies that emanate from it.  Same as in its times, the harp did it.

The Original “Hang”

This instrument called Hang (hand in Bernese, Swiss-German dialect) in its original version. Later, hundreds of new prototypes appears, such as hand pan, hand drum, tongue drums among others.

The Hang pan is a true source of inspiration and creation, even for those who do not have musical knowledge.

By playing with the appropriate movements of  hands gives off a celestial music.

Many people use it as a therapy because it creates really special and cosmic vibrations, as some of them would say.

Similar to a flying saucer shape. From its millimeter of steel emanates celestial music and today it is almost impossible to get an original one.

Its creators, the Swiss Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer are the only owners of the secret of this magical and original instrument, invented and built by their company PANArt Hangbau AG.

Original Hang

The metal ingenuity is made up of 2 united hemispheres. The ding (upper) and the cu (lower). The upper part houses the 8 musical tones represented as chiseled circles.
At the bottom, the instrument has small holes to gain resonance.

The technique to play Handpan is generally by using your hands. Sitting comfortably and resting the instrument on your legs. 

 PANArt 2nd generation Hang (video)

Shaman Botica EverPhi

The success that this invention produced is due to when listening to it,  anyone thinks to be capable of playing off some masterpiece. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

In addition, those fortunate owners of an original Hang, will surely face an inconvenience when the instrument gets out of tune, since to refine it, it must be done with a hammer.

Even more, to check if the tuning is optimal, red quartz powder should be throw on top of the instrument.  As a result of approval, a cross shape with the quartz powder  must be appear.

Some of the new prototypes from other creators are easier to play. However, most of them do not get even close to the beautiful melody of the original Hang.

Approximately in the year 2003, this instrument began to be sold commercially. In 2006, the sale ended, due to that the production was only 7 thousand units.

Hang pan

Its creators did not continue with the manufacture. However, they do not close to the possibility that someday they will do it again.

The new handpan, have different sounds, percussion system, sizes and styles. In short, there is alternatives for everyone.

Currently we have a wide range to choose from.  Furthermore, some of them can perfectly compete with the original Hang in terms of melodic chords.

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There are already some brands preferred by “handpan lovers”, such as those detailed below:



Today, Tzevaot handpan is the only “no waiting list” hand pan manufacturer in the USA.  David Parkin, lead metal tuner, has practiced the art of tuning metal for over 20 years.


D’ELF or Instruments de l’Elf, is a Luso-French manufacturer brand conceived by an artist, musician and also virtuous of the handpan.

The manufacturer produces high quality professional craft instruments, characterized by its elegance, its beautiful and unmistakable sound in 9 musical tones, as well as its robustness and quality of material with powdered steel.

The d’elfe handpans are known for their quality and fidelity, inspired by the original  concept “Hang” invented by Panart.


This Colombian brand produces authentic 100% handmade masterpieces.

The MEINL Sonic Energy Harmonic Art Handpan instruments are handmade, one by one, using premium quality German steel. This material is special because its ability to be worked by hand and for its strength to sustain the tunings. The instrument design will allow it to last a lifetime.

Harmonic Art Handpan produces clear and pure notes by hitting with your hand.


The tone is pleasant, soothing and relaxing, and comes with a variety of configurations for both, performance and therapy. Each one tuned to a central note and seven additional notes that allow the player to work within a musical scale as a soloist or with a group.


German brand  manufacturer of high quality handpans.   As well as other very special shamanic instruments such as didgeridoos, djembes and other percussion instruments.


Vajrafon is the premium quality new generation handpan with charming sound and long sound sustain. The steel membranes are tuned in any scale you want. You can take the Vajrafon from the stock or order your personal scale.

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The steel tongue drum,  also known as “tank drum”, “hank drum” or “drum of tongues” is a melodic percussion drum member of handpan family.

These are simple instruments with a very attractive sound, which can be played with hands or drumsticks.

An interesting and affordable option to start in the magical world of metallic melodic percussion and handpans.

Among the major manufacturers highlights:


Famous due to RAV Vast 2 / D Celtic Minor – revolutionary model Hand Pan made by Russian master Andrew Remyannikov. The main feature of this tool is the exceptional tuning accuracy and incredible sound. Special patented technology makes up to 6 harmonics customized for each language. The Central note of the drum has a 7 harmonics.


It is rather difficult to say clearly to which family of musical instruments GUDA belongs to. The instrument itself is quite young, and it does not stop its process of transformation in its sounding.

Technologically GUDA consists of two connected metal hemispheres made of stainless steel sheet 1.2 mm thick. The earlier production of GUDA models were made of high-carbon steel.


Pearl Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and wholesale distributor of a wide range of drums and percussion instruments.

Most drums and related items are made by Pearl Musical Instrument Company in the US and Asia.

The brand sells worldwide good quality products at competitive prices, constantly innovating and adapting to market changes.


Nataraj brand manufactures instruments with very good pentatonic scales.

They are simple instruments with relaxing melodies. Suitable for meditation, therapy groups and other classes.

Generally they include drumsticks and case bag as a bundle, all for a pretty convenient price.


German manufacturer of Tongue Drums that offers different alternatives with high quality materials and a great hergonomic design.

Specially designed to reach a wide range of tones and with a very pleasant touch.

The aquadrums instruments provide a unique palette of rich and beautiful metallic sound.  The ability to tune each note at the microtonal level is crucial to play with musicians of different cultures.

Tongue Drum Steel


American family business with great success in Europe since 2008, when it began marketing their instruments in the old continent.

Vibedrums is one of the best manufacturers in terms of sound quality, portability, note design, durability and value for money.


Another small American company, characterized by its handcrafted and quality products.

Tankdrum brand offers high quality steel handmade Tongue Drums. Excellent in the idiophone class of melodic percussion.

It gets tuned by precision frequency arrangements, adjusted in full musical scales and using its own variations of each scale.


Steel Tongue Drums manufactured in France.

In addition to a high sound quality, the manufacturer has a unique design line inspired by its own “Spacedrum” handpan.

Design, efficiency and reliability are the three key words of this manufacturer.

Finally, these are currently the best brands and manufacturers of handpans in the market.

At least, these are the main brands that we know still valid, because many of them as fast as they appear, fade away.




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