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Three bad eating habits that you should stop practicing

Bad eating habits

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates) or “We are what we eat” (Ludwig Feuerbach)…

In other words, what we eat will benefit us or hurt us as long as we pay attention to how our body reacts after we ingest the food.

There are certain basic symptoms that could be warning us when some food is not well received by our body. These symptoms are easy to identify and they do not necessarily  require a doctor.

They usually appear with the same type of aliment and we are almost always aware of it and insist on tasting food that does not benefit us at all.

Stomach acidity, swelling, stomach pain, heaviness sensation, fatigue and in the worst case diarrhea and vomit. Each of these symptoms is some of the consequences of toxicity caused by invading elements in our body.

We can not forget that our organism automatically tends to self-defense against any threat that disturbs its proper functioning and this, in turn, will generate discomfort because of the internal fight that is happening in our body.

The normal thing would be to feel satisfied and vigorous, ready to continue with our day and not eventually having the impression that we just came out from a torture chamber.

But why does this happen? Actually it is a set of situations that can make our meals turn into an ordeal. Today we will mention three of them:

1. Eating under negative mood states

Prevent your food from becoming a toxin

In the case of someone who is in a workday and has about one hour to have lunch. Between leaving the office and finding the restaurant on duty for the day, he will have already lost about 15 minutes of round trip.

Then, for when there is a line to buy, it will take at least another 5 more minutes (being generous). With the remaining forty minutes, he will be thinking (as he eats and converses with his colleagues) in all the pending work that awaits him at his desk. Therefore, he must hurry, because in addition, he must arrive before time to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth, at least.

Eating under negative mood states

In short, this person will be eating stressed, worried and hurried and although he is probably already accustomed to this rhythm of life, the harm of eating food in negative circumstances or not very pleasant (either in sadness, anger, fear, worry, etc.), in the long-term, unfortunately, reverberate in our body because it accumulates silently day after day as toxins.

2. Excessive eating 

Eat as if the world were going to end

On special occasions when we attend an event in which the food is the host and the protagonist of the day, we procure eating as if there was no tomorrow. It is because everything looks so appetizing and beautifully decorative that we would like one of each. Especially the desserts.

But what do we get? At least we will have to dance all night if possible, because our guilty feeling will be so enormous after eating to make us think that is the best way to compensate for “bad deeds”.

When the next day we woke up and with great difficulty we managed to get out of our bed, one of the first thoughts that come to mind with a question mark: “I think I’m no longer in age for this type of party?, ” I think I exceeded myself last night or not? ” or something like that. However, we rarely remember the tons of food, drink and who knows what else, we consume in that evening.

If we knew in advance the amount of energy that our body uses to make our digestive system work, surely, we would have prudence when of consumption.

With all this I do not mean that it is wrong to enjoy so much delicatessen but we must take into account, is that after this type of “disarray”, we will have to make many merits to reconcile with our body and return it at pre-party levels again,  since in strict rigor, we should eat a third of the amount of food we use to serve ourselves daily.


3. Food Combining

Mix many foods in one meal

There are fruits and vegetables that should not be eaten together, because they produce unfavorable chemical reactions for our organism when  in the digestive process they get mixed, making the flow slow and difficult.

The ideal is to eat food compatible with each other and that allow the smallest effort to our body when the digestion timeline is in course.

If this normally happens with fruits and vegetables, I do not want to imagine what the labeled products generate in our organism, those ones that we can hardly read and pronounce the name of their ingredients.

In The Complete Book of Food Combining by Kathryn Marsden, she explains everything you will ever need to know about food combining in one easy-to-follow volume.

Learn about food combining


If we really want to take care of our eating habits, we must invest time to find out and understand certain “basic rules” of how to care for and give to our body the affection it deserves.

For example: “It is not enough become a vegetarian with a menu that allow us to eat kilograms and kilograms of fruits and vegetables, soy in all its possible forms, vegetarian labeled food, etc. and all that in one single day”. I don’t know, it does not seem so healthy to me, to tell you the truth.

This kind of menu gives me the feeling that the control is lost from the goal, which is mainly to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Now, if we have the intention  to begin a challenge to improve our eating habits, we must be aware that it is a slow process but in the end it will bring us definitive and lasting results for our general well-being.

In the other hand, if we intend to change from overnight, our body will feel confused and attacked and will surely react accordingly. Likewise, when feeling threatened, our organism rejected such a sudden disorder because it did not assimilate it as a benefit.

There are testimonies of people who chose to eat only fruits and vegetables from one day to the next. They said they had fallen ill due to an overreaction in the immune system, because it begins to receive high amounts of toxic waste in an insufficient time to eliminate these toxins at a natural timing.

In short, to meet success, the best thing is to take it easy and go step by step. Believe me your body will appreciate it.

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