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Elqui Valley in Chile Mystical and astronomical experience

Elqui Valley Mystical Travel

Elqui Valley is said to be one of the most energetic places in the world, a kind of Neo-Tibet.

There is talk of cosmic vibrations perceived under a sky full of stars, surrounded by high hills that encase the fertile valley, next to the whisper of rivers like Elqui and El Claro.

In the 80s a strong wave of foreigners came to inhabit Elqui Valley, located 90 km from La Serena, Chile. Attracted above all, by its mystical properties, therapies and in search of cosmic energy and deep reflection.

Due to the sighting of luminous points in the latitudes of the Elqui Valley by astronauts of the Gemini mission in 1967, gave strength to the theory that the spiritual center of the planet would change from the Himalayas to the Elqui Valley.

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The rumors began in full “reign” of Elqui Christ. The valley was not only the homeland of the national messiah, but also, the scene chosen by some thirty Tibetan monks, who entered the depths of the foothills to build a secret monastery. A Monastery protected by an invisible force of all curious that it dared to approach.

Elqui Valley Chile Elqui Valley

Probably, it would be the origin of a magnetic force so, that caused some air accidents in the past. 

Be that as it may, the belief of the locals remains firm: the valley is a unique, mystical, esoteric place.

A magnet that attracted brotherhoods of all kinds and  hosted centers of yoga, meditation and reiki, among others.

The strategic location of the area between the mountain ranges of the Coast and the Andes, added to the proximity to the sea and the low relative humidity,  generate even more clear skies ideal for astronomical observation.

Elqui Domos in Pisco Elqui is one of the few places where you can see the stars from the dome itself and sleep under the open sky.

And, of course, a trip to the Elqui Valley would not be complete if you do not visit Montegrande. In Montegrande you can find the tomb and the School House of the poet Gabriela Mistral, Nobel Prize for Literature.

What to do in Elqui Valley?

Taste pisco and learn about its elaboration process

The history of pisco in Elqui Valley it also calls each year to more than 100 thousand visitors.  Principally seduced by the production of the muscatel grape to make pisco.

Pisco is a colorless or yellowish to amber colored brandy produced in winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. Made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit.

Developed by 16th century Spanish settlers as an alternative to orujo, a pomace brandy imported from Spain.

Elqui Valley PiscoThe Mistral distillery

The star attraction in Pisco Elqui is the Distileria Pisco Mistral, which produces the premium Mistral brand of pisco. The hour-long ‘museum’ tour gives you glimpses of the distillation process and includes a free tasting of two piscos and a drink at the adjacent restaurant, which hosts occasional live music.

You can also visit Fundo los Nichos, Doña Josefa de Elqui (Artisan pisco), Solar de Pisco Tres Erres, Pisco Capel and Pisco Aba, among others.

Take a break for a relaxing therapy

There are numerous thermal spas that exist all over the country. But there are also wellness centers, whose concept is to provide well-being to people in all physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Fitness, medical and aesthetic treatments and even meditation are part of the array of services that can be found in these facilities.

According to connoisseurs, Chile has various magnetic centers, among the most important being the region of Elqui. In particular, Cerro Cancana, in the locality of Cochiguaz, is known for the high concentrations of magnetite and quartz that are found there.

CochiguazCochiguaz Spa

There are two centers in this area that are set up to provide peace and rest. Spa Cochiguaz offers herbal baths, different types of massage such as reflexology and therapeutic massage, reiki and reflexology sessions.

In addition to horseback riding, a restaurant with natural foods and comfortable rooms.

While natural space Hospedaje Sundari,  situated in the locality of Vicuña, offers different types of therapy such as Ayurveda, aloe vera and phytotherapy, as well as meditation sessions and Tibetan gymnastics.

In the Choapa valley, 90 km away from Los Vilos, the Centro Holístico Salamanca offers personal growth sessions, dance therapy and Bach flower therapy.

In the midst of an oasis of old trees and carefully tended gardens, it is possible to participate in activities using body work techniques, sacred singing, meditation, psychodrama, reiki, use of oracles, rituals, Gestalt dialogue and creativity, among others.

Also in the region of La Serena, 20 kilometers toward the mountains along the side road toward the Quilimarí valley is Miravalle. There it is possible to disconnect from day-to-day routine through a series of activities such as meditation, outdoor jacuzzi, swimming pool, quartz pools, organic cooking, mud baths and oil massages.

Furthermore,  to practicing disciplines such as yoga and Ayurveda. The latter advocates a more holistic approach to reality, where medicines, mainly from plants, chosen because the ability to harmonize the balance between the patient and his/her surroundings.

MysticalCasa Molle

Visit local restaurants, taste recipes cooked with solar ovens

Large choice of dishes, lovely atmosphere, great drinks, amazing landscape views and much more you can find as you decide to go out for your lunch or dinner time.

Do not miss cooked dishes with sun rays, instead of hard-to-find firewood. It is the best place solar-kitchen restaurants in Chile, although service is a little slow. However, the food is quite tasty and paired with lovely vineyard views. Locally raised cabrito (goat) is the place specialty.


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Astronomical Tourism

Admire the stars at the Cerro Tololo Astronomical Observatory or at the Mamalluca hill, close to Vicuña.

The skies of northern Chile, considered the best in the world to do astronomy. More and more Chileans and foreigners visit the different facilities for the observation of the skies during the last decade.

Great number of astronomical observatories destined to investigation have place in the north of Chile (Second, Third and Fourth Region) from the years ’60.

In the mid-1990s, a study conducted by European scientists belonging to the European Southern Observatory (ESO) determined to build a new and sophisticated observatory, this time in the Norte Grande (Second Region, Antofagasta), for highly scientific purposes and that will determine and unveil huge mysteries in space.

The chosen place was Cerro Paranal, whose observatory of the same name, is currently  the largest in the world.

In Cerro Paranal, the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) is also built, an unprecedented astronomical center because it is the largest optical observatory in the world.

While ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array), the largest red telescope in the world  is another infrastructure located in Antofagasta.

By 2020, Chile expected to have 60% of the astronomical observation worldwide.

There are three institutions established in Chile for astronomical research, being the country that has the highest instrumental concentration for these purposes. These institutions are: Association of Universities for the Research in Astronomy (AURA), European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Carnagie Institution.

Elqui Valley Astronomical Experience

Elqui Valley, How to arrive?

By plane: There are daily flights connecting Santiago to La Florida airport in La Serena in a trip of approximately one hour. From there, you can rent vehicles, organize tours or take buses to the Elqui Valley.

By vehicle:  The Elqui Valley, located 90 km from La Serena. Its main access route is the international route CH-41. The road passes through Vicuña, located 66 km from La Serena. Once in Rivadavia, in km. 83, it is necessary to take the detour towards Paihuano by the route D-485, road that leads to Montegrande and Pisco Elqui. 

By bus: Daily buses connect the capital with the city of La Serena. The Expreso Norte line has direct routes to Vicuña. From La Serena different companies make interurban routes to different locations in the valley.


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