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Natural Skin Tightening Face Mask 100% Effective DIY

Firming Face Mask

At this moment, you are one step away from knowing the best homemade skin tightening face mask. This mask will also be your great ally to save you in those more urgent and special events.

With this mask, you will get the most radiant and smooth skin you have ever had before.

Fight flaccidity and lift your face instantly

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With only 2 ingredients, this amazing skin tightening face mask will help you fight the sagging of your face, obtaining a sensation of instant lifting that will last from 6 to 8 hours. At the same time, it will correct imperfections and eliminate signs of tiredness in your face.

To prepare the skin tightening face mask you will need:


  • 1 tablespoon of Alum Stone powder
  • 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of rosehip oil (optional)


  • You may need a mortar to grind the alum stone, since some come in very small granules, but not small enough to be powder.
  • 1 Small pot or cup for the mixture.


In the small pot, add the alum powder with the yogurt, stirring very well until both are incorporated. Then, you can add the rosehip oil to your mask in case you want. If not, do not worry, the mask will still cause its effect.

Rosehip oil is to provide extra moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerative properties to your skin.

When the blend is ready, apply the mixture in your very clean and dry face, and let it act for 30 minutes or until it dries (it will depend on the ambient temperature).

Once your skin tightening face mask dries, wash your face with cold water and continue with your usual care routine.

If you repeat this mask treatment 3 times a week, you will achieve long-term results.

Additional Tips

Thanks to the anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and astringents properties that alum stone possesses, you will also be fighting pimples, common acne and skin imperfections. In addition, your skin will look extra smooth.

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For acne conditions, you can get the whole alum stone, wet it with purified water and then, gently rub it on your face.

This will create a soft whitish film on your skin that you must leave on for 20 minutes. After this time, rinse with cold water. You can repeat daily until the acne disappears.

In the past, alum stone was used for douching, since in this way, women regained firmness in the vaginal muscles after many deliveries. In some eastern countries this ancestral remedy is still applied today.

Benefits and Properties of Alum Stone for Skin

Alum Stone, known as  “shubhra” in ayurveda medicine and “fitkari” in Hindi, is a naturally occurring salt that offers several benefits to its users.  

The alum stone is a combination of aluminium sulphate and potassium sulphate. It is a translucent, whitish-coloured crystal, which has been used for its many natural therapeutic properties  over centuries.  

This magical stone has hypoallergenic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, antiseptic and antiperspirant properties. Besides, its healing and firming nature helps combat flaccidity and tight the face instantly.

As we mentioned, it is a mineral composed of double sulfate of aluminum and potassium. Its particular molecular structure makes it impossible to be absorbed through the skin, which is why it is not harmful to the welfare of the individual. Thus, being a water-soluble crystalline salt, it can be used in many ways.

Skin Tightening Face Mask

Where to find Alum Stone?

Alum stone can be found near to volcanoes in its natural state, and can be bought in pharmacies and specialized herbalists shops.

Above all, make sure that you choose an alum stone that includes “potassium alum”, which should be slightly translucent. Certain industrial products try to pass themselves off as Alum stone, but they are not the real at all.

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