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Tribal Boho Bracelet Dalmatian Jasper African Trade Brass Ghanaian Ethnic Glass


Dalmatian jasper, better known as Dalmatian stone, is typically found and mined in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The distinctive gemstone was named “Dalmatian” due to its likeness of the “fire engine” dog.

However, Dalmatian stone it is not a jasper at all.  Jasper has a conchoidal fracture and Dalmatian stone is much softer than jasper. This gemstone is an igneous microcrystalline quartz with a mixture of other minerals creating the speckled look.

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Tribal Boho beaded bracelet, designed with natural gemstone and different bead styles from African and Asian ethnicities:

– Natural Dalmatian jasper gemstone,
– Black striped Ghanaian ethnic glass,
– Ethiopian scratch brass beads,
– Black ancient style Java glass beads and,
– African trade brass beads.

Approximately length: 8.5 inches

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