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Tribal Boho African Copal Amber Bracelet


African Copal Beads

Copal is a fossilized organic resin. This amorphous yellow to brownish material is often confused with amber, but amber is much older than copal.

Copal is merely a term for young, unripened amber. Finding the dividing line is not so simple; different sources define them in different ways.

A long-established standard has been that amber is at least ten million years old and any resins less than this are considered to be copal.

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Tribal Boho bracelet designed with two rows of African ethnic beads as follow:

  • African copal amber,
  • Hand carved buffalo bone, 
  • Tribal brass beads (lost wax technique),
  • Natural horn button clasps and leather cord. 

Approximately length: 8 inches. 


Petra di Monte Designs


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