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Boho Chic Blue Ocean Jasper Statement Necklace


Healing properties for Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is said to encourage emotions of love for oneself and of others, the healing of the emotions.

It is thought to bring a sense of peace that helps us connect to nature and the earth (also attracting the nature sprites and faeries).

Ocean jasper is known for being a very calming and soothing stone. It is also thought of as one of the most protective. This jasper is often used in healing to align all the chakras. It is used to encourage the acceptance of responsibility and also thought to increase patience.

In physical healing this stone is thought to be useful in removing toxins from the physical body as well as the aura.


Petra di Monte Designs

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Boho Chic necklace made with XL ocean jasper slab beads, African tribal copper beads and copper rings and clasp.

21 inches long.


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