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Boho Chic Bracelet Ghanaian Recycled Glass, Howlite, Vintage Italian Gold Filled Beads


Krobo beads are made from powder glass, which comes from finely ground glass most commonly made out of recycled broken bottles and other scrap glasses.

These beautiful glass beads are made in vertical molds. Each mold is filled with finely ground glass which is layered to create different colorful designs.


Petra di Monte Designs


Summer vibe inspired boho chic beaded bracelet, made with:

– Ghanaian (black striped) kente Krobo glass and recycled frosted sea glass,
– Orange Howlite turquoise,
– Vintage Italian Gold filled brushed beads and,
– Different types of African tribal lost wax brass beads.

Bracelet is 8.2 inches long approximately, and can be lengthened (with no cost) if you request it.


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