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Meet me

Hi there! My name is Karin Durand an unconditional lover of my family, and all kind of nature in here and out there.  I  currently live in Texas, with my  husband Chris and our canine sweet girl Ida.

Since I left my homeland Chile in 2012, I have visited and lived in different beautiful places within South America, Turkey and the mesmerizing island of Cyprus.  In all those years I learned a wide diversity of cultures and I started paying  more attention to the wonders of nature and appreciated every singularly on it.  Then, I began my journey into the aromatherapy world and jewelry design.
The detachment of my comfort zone, just like “Plato’s cave”, introduced me in  many new things and  to endless capacities available to us… if we dare to venture.
So, today I am sitting in front of my keyboard, inspired and grateful for every moment in my life.


Phi is a mathematical proportion known as golden number, golden proportion or divine proportion, among others.
The number of gold was discovered by the Greek Euclides or at least, he was one of the first to speak about it in his composition “Elements”.
The divine proportion dwells in this world and outside of it. It is expressed everywhere and generates in us positive sensations by making the environment beautiful and pleasant to our senses.
It is a number full of enigmas and contains a mystic and aesthetic character that has amazed scientists throughout history.
For everything discovered so far regarding Phi, I feel that it makes a perfect match according to the ideas and plans that I have to translate into Ever Phi.

My Belief

My belief begins each morning when I open my eyes, it accompanies me in my bedroom at nightfall and continues in my dreams even if I do not remember the next day none of them.
My belief is always with me and when I go out to meet it, reminds me immediately how lucky I am.  I am fortunate when I interact with another living beings, when the breeze releases  the aroma of flowers and herbs around me… When I can joyfully feel in my bare feet the fertile and humid earth or the soft and warm summer sand and…  the list is endless.
My belief starts from me, for having faith that not everything is as bad as it seems and that life is generous and gives us with love what we long for with love.
It delights me to believe, it is the motor that gives balance to my life.

My goal

I would like to be a citizen of the world and share with you each learning, exchange experiences, knowledge and who knows, maybe even wisdom.
Respectfully and humbly I want to contribute with my little grain of sand, making use of the technology that today allows us to connect people with common ideals and the desire to live together in harmony.

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