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Boho Chic Bracelet, Vintage Aqua Resin and African Tribal Beads


Tribal Beads

Tribal beads, also known as ethnic or trade beads, are commonly made from recycled and natural materials like bone, brass, clay, glass, resin, fabric, etc.
Those unique rustic-beauty beads are hand crafted in many different regions throughout the African continent. They are made by independent bead makers and by African indigenous tribes and ethnic groups.
Because of the rustic manufacturing, African beads have irregularities in shape, size and color, which makes every piece “perfectly imperfect” and with a particular irresistible beauty in the eyes of those who value the art embodied on them.


This stunning boho chic bracelet features a unique blend of African tribal beads, sea glass, and vintage resin.  The unique aqua tones bracelet is designed with African tribal brass, bone and glass beads, and features a 1 inch vintage marbled resin bead with matching colors.

The bracelet’s approximate length is 7.5 inches.

Petra di Monte Designs


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